About us

Experience City Royal Resort Hotel (CRRH) located in Bugolobi, just 4KM from Kampala (the capital of Uganda). This is an exceptionally serene hotel for business, entertainment, cultural and shopping centers are all within easy reach.
Our expert staffs work tirelessly to ensure your comfortable stay at the hotel in line with our motto, “dedication for your comfort”. CRRH has achieved a level of personal care to guests that is of international standard and these is manifested by the high number of repeat guest at the hotel.

Internet is the first thing we strongly worked on to ensure your easy access. You will always and easily have access to a wireless internet connection. Just get into CRRH premises with your laptop and you will be connected to the whole world.

Special Amenities
There is a 24 hour restaurant service, so you can be able to access your meals from any of our food and beverage outlets or just a phone call away. Talk about Italian, Indian foods, all is in our menu. All it takes is just making an order and you will be served with your best dish made carefully to your test.